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Музыкальный магазин Robik-Music

Our recording studio «Kofein» was founded in Kyiv, Ukraine in December, 2002.

Among recording artists are: Sashko Polozhinsky, Maria Burmaka, Rosava, Kyzma Skryabin, Gaitana, Natalia Mogilevskaya, Nina Motvienko, Anzhelika Rudnizkaya, Elena Grebeniuk, Katerina Buzhinskaya, Kasha Satzova, Sestr Telnyuk, Elena Popova, Aby MC, Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary), Shopping Hour, Svet, Jack Clift, Ivan Sarissian. (you can find samples of our works on our mp3 page)

Our partners worldwide are: BBH (Great Britain), JBI Studios (USA), WideVox и ТМР Media Group (Sweden), Perfect Voices (Israel), EuroTones (Lithuania), Bayer Design (Germany).


Our scope of work is «everything that makes sound».

Our goal was and is the creation of high quality audio recordings for different spheres of art. Anyway, the main activities of our studio include recording, arrangement, mixing, music creation, voice talents and musicians castings.


In «Kofein» we can:

  • Record a vocal or practically any electric or acoustic instrument;
  • Create an arrangement, remix, cover version;
  • Mix, master or pre-master a track;
  • Restore a recording;
  • Help you to find a musician or a voice talent for your needs.

Also you can order and/or record:

  • Promotional audio clips
  • Promotional theme songs
  • Sound design for television channels, as well as for video and radio programs
  • Sound design for movies and plays
  • Muzak-like sound design for commercial environments (e.g. hotels, restaurants, offices)
  • Musical background for fashion shows
  • Exclusive one-off recordings suitable for a gift, or for personal memoirs.


Control Room

Live Room



We have deliberately positioned ourselves as a midi-studio so that we can provide a superior client focus. However, through collaborative agreements with larger production facilities, we are able to offer solutions for clients and projects of any type and size.

Every client is given our full attention in order to realize his dreams. Our goal is to both inspire and to be inspired by you.

And, yes, we speak English and will be happy to help!

Please, contact us:

+380(67) 291-89-24
+380(66) 971-59-33

Have a nice day!

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