Kofein Studio

Recording in Kyiv, Ukraine since 2002

British Airways, Gillette, KyivStar, National Cinema Agency, Franko National Theatre, ТМ Mayskiy, ТМ Oleyna, Western Union, VTA Bank, UA:Promin, UA:Culture among the brands we’ve worked for.

BBH (Great Britain), JBI Studios (USA), Huks Music (South Korea), Perfect Voices (Israel), WideVox (Sweden), EuroTones (Lithuania), Bayer Design (Germany) among our partners.

Tracking or live recording

Mixing and Mastering


Music and sound design for commercials

Voice artists or musicians casting

Arrangement, remix or cover version

Playlists for commercial environments

In house producer and composer service


vocal / instruments


arrangements / scores

Post & Film

sound design / soundtracks


mix / master

Studio equipment

DAW: Cubase 10 Pro
Audio Interface: RME HDSPe AIO
A-D/D-A Converter: Apogee Rosetta 800
Monitors: Roland DS-90A / Yamaha HS8
Subwoofer: Alesis S1 Active
Preamps: SPL Channel One (x2) / Golden Age Pre73 (x2)
PreSonus Central Station
Snake: Seismic Sound 16x8

Shure KSM 44 (х2)
Oktava МК-012 (x2)
Shure SM 57 (х2)
Shure SM 7B

Yamaha Digital Piano P-85
Roland A-33
Miditech Midistart 2
Midisport 8X8/S
Access Virus Rack
E-MU B-3
Groovebox Roland MC 505

Tele Type
Fender Texas Specials Tele
Fender Nocaster Tele
Lindy Fralin p90s Thinline Tele

Strat type
Lace Sensors Gold Strat
80s Dimarzio Air Nortons Westone Concord III

HB type
Gibson Classic'59s Ibanez AS 83 VLS
Dimarzio PAFs 36th Anniversary ‘61 SG Custom
Seymour Duncan Vintage/Custom Mini HBs & Fishman Piezo Bridge Parkwood PWH4

Fender USA Vintage Series Pickups Jaguar Type Thinline
Frankentones Ric 381v69 Type
Godin ACS-SA

Parkwood P600
Washburn EA20

Fender Original Jazz Bass Pickups J Type Bass
Fender '51 P Type Bass
Hi Gain Pickups Rick 4003 Type Bass
Ibanez ATK300 Bass
Egnaters Washburn CB14 Bass

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